GuitarJamz Guitar Lessons

GuitarJamz Guitar LessonsMarty Schwartz’s GuitarJamz Guitar Lessons are among the best guitar lessons for beginners and intermediate guitar students. If you are among those who are serious about learning guitar, you will find these lessons extremely helpful. This review will help you understand what this course includes and what will you learn by following guitar instructor Marty Schwartz’s instructions. Marty uncovered the blueprint for learning the guitar in the shortest time possible. And now you can also benefit from his experience and expertise. Covering guitar lessons of all sorts, he is capable of teaching you beginner acoustic, country guitar, blues and inspired blues. Although the basics are always same, this is where students love Marty’s lessons the most. His lessons include the easiest guitar learning instructions that even a kid can follow them and learn playing guitar with little practice. What more could you ask, you can find many free guitar lessons on GuitarJamz guitar lessons website and also, if you like to purchase his lessons, you can setup a free trial. Once you find his lessons helpful, you can buy them and continue learning to play guitar.

GuitarJamz Acoustic Guitar Lessons

Guitar Lessons pack Guitar Lessons 4 DVD Pack – This guitar lessons 4 DVD pack is for people with different skill set. Guitar Acoustic DVD 1 is for those who have never touched a guitar, it is for complete beginners. With this DVD, you will learn various strum and rhythm patterns. You will learn several popular chord progressions which is just a fancy name for a few simple guitar chords that make up a song. With Guitar Acoustic DVD 2 you will learn more guitar chords and progressions which makes practicing the guitar something you will look forward to each day. DVD 3 and DVD 4 are bonus DVDs in which you will learn further styles and techniques and will learn latest blues guitar.
Beginner Acoustic DVD 1 Beginner Acoustic DVD 1 – This is actually the part of the above mentioned 4 DVD pack. You can either buy the full package or buy this DVD alone. If you are just touching a guitar for the first time, this DVD has all that you need to know about playing a guitar. It will teach you various strum and rhythm patterns. You will learn several popular chord progressions which is just a fancy name for a few simple guitar chords that make up a song.
Beginner Acoustic DVD 2 Beginner Acoustic DVD 2 – Once again, this the number 2 DVD in the 4 DVD pack. You can buy this DVD alone or buy the complete Guitar Lessons 4 DVD pack. In this DVD, you will take off right from where you left in DVD 1 mentioned above. This DVD also covers power chords and bar chords. Bar Chords open up a whole new world of songs to you. Understand the real power of the guitar and how to harness it.
Country Guitar Lesson DVD Country Guitar Lesson DVD – This is the 3rd DVD in the pack mentioned earlier. The DVD is prepared by Bob Ryan who will take you on a guitar journey with a bunch of cool techniques such as chicken picking, arpeggios, palm muting plus a ton of country guitar lessons by the top country guitar players. You can buy this DVD alone or buy the complete set, choice is yours. If you are serious about learning guitar, this pack has everything you may be looking for.
Inspired Blues DVD Inspired Blues DVD – This is the latest of all DVDs. It contains 2 hours of Blues goodness. If you are someone who has heart for Guitar Blues, this DVD is perfect to begin with and develop your skills. It will walk you through the genres of blues from slow Texas to rocking out blues. You will learn a bunch of awesome new blues licks and a whole lot more Marty will teach you how to master the guitar neck with simple ways to learn the notes on the neck and more.

GuitarJamz Blues Guitar Lessons

Blues 4 DVD Pack Blues 4 DVD Pack – Just like the 4 DVD acoustic guitar lessons, this is 4 DVD pack for guitar blues. If you are someone who has keen interest in playing Blues, this pack will walk you right from the beginning and will walk you through different styles and techniques. You will be amazed to know how easy is it to learn playing the blues. Marty has done a fabulous job and has induced his expertise in all the 4 DVDs to help you learn playing blues quickly. The 4 DVD pack includes Blues video lessons and solo guitar playing instructions. This is the most comprehensive blues guitar lessons pack available online.
Blues DVD 1 Blues DVD 1 – This is the first DVD in the 4 DVD Blues Pack. It is nearly 2 hours in length. Marty goes over the lesson plan in the DVD Intro module. Take your guitar learning from basics and as you through the video lessons, Marty will teach you the techniques you can use to take your guitar learning to higher levels.
Blues DVD 2 Blues DVD 2 – This DVD is for both: beginner guitarists and intermediate. If you are someone who has been trying to learn playing blues since long enough, this DVD will help you figure out what you weren’t doing right. In this DVD Marty expands on the 12 bar blues with more advanced rhythms and tricks.
Blues DVD 3 Blues DVD 3 – As you start picking up pace with Marty, the DVD 3 will help you keep going. This DVD is focused on Blues licks & Jam Tracks. Play along with Marty as he break down 9 awesome new guitar licks. There is nothing better than jamming along an instructor, it builds your confidence in playing like a pro guitarist.
Blues DVD Solo Blues DVD Solo – This is the 4th DVD in the Blues DVD pack. As you walk through the jam along songs, you’ll discover some more styles and techniques in this DVD. Marty speaks out his experience to gear you up. Marty will teach you how to master the guitar neck with simple ways to learn the notes on the neck and more. He blasts you with a new arsenal of blues licks and techniques.

Guitar Instructor Marty Schwartz

Marty SchwartzA hobby that started casually has become Marty Schwartz’s passion! Marty has been playing guitar since college days. Since then he has played with many seasoned local bands as their lead guitarist. After college he was asked to audition to be the lead guitar player in a well respected San Diego band, he got the gig! And from their he never looked back. Marty has played guitar on nationally touring gigs with thousands of fans packing the venues. Thereafter he taught guitar in elementary school. Then he devoted all his time to giving one-on-one guitar lessons to students ranging from young rockers to old blues dogs looking for some new tricks. Marty holds a great guitar teaching experience and always try to keep things light while teaching so that you never feel stressed. Learning to play guitar with Marty is fun!

GuitarJamz Guitar Lessons

GuitarJamz guitar lessons are among the best lessons available online. If you are planning to begin learning to play guitar, these DVDs are like gems for you! This is the reason, we have included them in our guitar lessons for beginners page right up the top. All these video guitar lessons include years of experience from professionals like Marty Schwartz and Bob Ryan. Although you can purchase single DVds but I personally recommend buying 4 DVD pack. It will not only save you money but also, it will help you keep learning. The best part about Marty’s DVDs is that they are filled with fun so that you never give up and keep going on. Please share this page with your friends so that everyone can benefit from these amazing guitar lessons!

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14 Responses to “GuitarJamz Guitar Lessons”

  1. Joana Pablo says:

    Guitarjamz rocks! I have their Blues DVDs and they are simply awesome!

  2. Bruce says:

    Very professional course to learn playing a guitar. I can recommend it to anyone who wishes to learn playing guitar.

  3. Hansinano says:

    Hey there, I love these DVDs, there is so much to learn, I can spend whole day learning and never get tired. Love playing guitar!

  4. Nancy says:

    I highly recommend the guitarjamz guitar lessons, they have helped me a lot. I was a total beginner when I tried their courses and the DVD lessons have helped me a lot. Now I’m intermediate and it took me 3 months to reach this level. I’m still using guitarjamz new dvd sets to learn guitar and become a professional.

  5. JacksonBr says:

    Which one is really better? Guitarjamz or Learn and Master guitar course? Any help will be highly appreciated! Thanks.

  6. Jese says:


  7. LittleJinx says:

    Guitarjamz is certainly a better option in comparison to any other course available to learn playing a guitar.

  8. KevinNevin says:

    ok my sister is mad about learning a guitar. i guess i should recommend guitarjamz to her. thanks for all your comments.

  9. YellowInc says:

    I think they just released the all new Blues DVDs, is it the one I see above or is there some new DVD set available?

  10. Taserita says:

    Hey there, Tase from Norway. I have the guitarjamz lessons. bought it a couple of weeks and already feeling like i can play some of the easier songs “ON MY OWN”. I’ve been practicing since a few months but the free videos couldnt help me much with the basics. these dvds have everything you may need to clear your doubts. very good lessons! Highly Recommend!

  11. Islele says:

    the lessons seem to be informative. thanks for all the comments folks. i’ll try their lessons and see if that can help me.

  12. Islele says:

    i’m a total newb when it comes to guitars. i’m just looking for some course that can really help a total beginner like me. i hope guitarjamz has something that can help me learn the basics of a guitar.

  13. barbwire says:

    hey there, i am not a beginner, i’m more like an intermediate because i can play many songs, thanks to all the freely available online guitar lessons. but hey, i’m trying to unlearn all that i have learned. i can play only specific songs that i learned after watching free videos, that’s my biggest drawback. I can’t play every song out there because my basics aren’t clear. so i am about to buy the guitarjamz lessons to clear my basics and understand how to “really play a guitar” even if it is some song that i hear for the first time.

  14. hanson says:

    i love guitars and i have two guitars: acoustic and bass guitars. both are very high quality guitars but they are useless for me because i dont know nothing about playing them lol. anyway, i’m planning to learn it pretty soon. i know it is going to take lots of hard work but i have all the time in the world to learn playing a guitar. i will also look into buying the guitar jamz dvd sets and see if they are worth spending time.

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