Five amazing guitars for less than 500 dollars

There are plenty of affordable, great guitars that are available in the market right now. Given the precision used to make guitars, it’s hard to find a really bad guitar these days. For fewer than 500 dollars, you can get a great guitar no matter what genre of music you like to play. These are some of the most reviewed, most recommended and popular guitars for anyone who wishes to play a guitar. Even if you are a beginner or intermediate, these instruments will be the best to begin with, any given day!

Epiphone Les Paul Traditional

Epiphone Les Paul Traditional
You should be able to get this guitar for five hundred dollars. This guitar is perfect for playing classic rock. The arch tops, electrics and acoustics are perfect the moment you take it out of the case.

It features include a mahogany body with a Locktone bridge. This guitar also comes with uncovered zebra pickups that are responsible for the famous throaty hum bucking tome that Les Paul guitars are famous for.

If you’ve got another hundred dollars to spare, you could upgrade your choice and go for the Epiphone Les Paul Custom.

Schecter Guitars Damien Elite

Schecter Guitars Damien Elite
If classic rock isn’t your thing and you need a guitar for shredding and playing heavy metal, this is the perfect guitar for you. Also for five hundred dollars, the Schecter guitar comes with 24 extra jumbo frets, low action and a full metal requisite of EMG 85 and 81.

It comes with active hum bucklers that make for some really loud sounds! Since the pickups are top of the line, you’ll never have to upgrade them. The guitar also comes equipped with a Tone Pros bridge and Grover tuners. This is definitely one stylish guitar given the crimson red and see-through black finishes on the body.

ESP LTD ST203 Electric guitar

ESP LTD ST203 Electric guitar
If you’re looking for an all-round guitar, look no further. With jumbo-frets and single-coil pickups, this guitar is perfect for vintage tunes. And it only costs 349 USD. If you’re looking for a modern guitar with a hum bucking pickup and Floyd Rose tremolo, you could also opt for its sister guitar, the LTD ST203FR. Both these guitars have excellent fret work and can play any kind of music

possible. Another plus point is that the distressed finishes make it look like Kirk Hammett actually carried it along with him on a phony world tour!

Danelectro ’56 Single Cutaway

Danelectro 56 Single Cutaway
Maybe you’re the type of guitarist who finds all of this too main-stream for your taste. You want a guitar that is perfect for playing slide guitar or atypical guitar tomes. In that case, the Danelectro ’56 single cutaway with a Dolphin headstock is the guitar you are looking for.

With a single-coil lipstick pickups and solid hum buckers, this guitar can deliver the needed sounds with a natural raw feel. If you’re not a fan of the pawn-shop look that it has, you could also look for similar alternatives in the same range. For 349 USD, this guitar is a real steal.

Taylor Guitars GS Mini

Taylor Guitars GS Mini
There’s no way we’d write an article on affordable guitars without including one amazing acoustic guitar. Granted, 500 USD is a little pricey for an acoustic, but believe me you, this is definitely worth the price. Despite the diminutive size, the action is pretty low and manages a pretty loud sound. This is perfect as a gift for a lazy couch potato guitarist as well! This guitar is perfect for finger style acoustic playing with higher altered tunings.

If you’re a budding guitarist looking to buy your first guitar, this is definitely a list you should keep in mind. You can buy any of these guitars at at discounted prices. You may either select a brand new guitar or you can buy a used guitar and save money!

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